Welcome to the customary first post of the Vermont Native Journal. This is basically a blog meant to hopefully provide an un-biased view of Native American news and issues in Vermont.

The goal is to hopefully instill some journalistic integrity into blog reporting.

If you would like to contribute, feel free to contact me.


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  1. gen on

    Great idea, Brad! Thanks for creating this site!

  2. Paul Bunnell, Koasek Sub-Chief on

    Kwai Kwai Brad,
    I am very happy to see a big breath of fresh air coming out of Vermont. I agree with all your views regarding Bill 222. If it passes at all, it must contain a independent commission that represents all native american peoples of Vermont. Our Koasek Traditional Band of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation have many citizens who live in Vermont and many others throughout the country. Our Abenaki history covers the entire North East and Quebec and the Maritimes. The independent bills surfacing around some of these states and provinces must be designed to represent ALL Native American peoples, especially the Abenaki in our traditional lands. I personally attended the first hearing with two of our resident speakers to plea our views regarding qualified individuals to be on this commission and who must have unquestionable Native American genealogies. It was a crime that all 6 of us were confronted at the doors of the State House by a female Vermont representative telling us that if we bring up genealogies, we would be thrown out. What kind of democracy do we live in that makes a state like Vermont censor freedom of speech when it was a peoples review and presenation of Bill 222. I tell you there is a Skunk in the shed and this group of 4 that are trying to control us all is a very bad thing especially when 3 of those groups have barely 50 each in two and 1+ in another members and who are mostly family members. There are thousands of us out here and Bill 222 needs to be shot down as it is designed and restructured into a true democratic body that is not run by self appointed for life chiefs. It’s time to speak up and I appreciate this forum you have created Brad. Thank you for your time and good luck.
    Regards, Paul J. Bunnell,
    Gwilawato (He looks For Something)
    Sub-Chief of the Koasek Abenaki Nation & Genealogist

    Principal Address:
    Koasek Traditional Band of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation
    PO BOX 147 POST MILLS VT 05058

  3. Karen Mica on

    Thank you Brad,

    It is wonderful to see even another blog attempting to get the word out!

    “Abenaki for Justice” certainly welcomes your attempt here.

    Hopefully, the strength of many voices of outrage coming from the background will finally overwhelm those few who have continually taken the stage, so that only their voices have been heard, and only their version of the “truth” has been told.

    It is time for “other voices” to speak out with another truth, one who those with the loudest voices of the past, are afraid to hear and work so hard to silence.

  4. humblejanitor on

    I am sorry to hear that you received such grief from the state in regards to genealogy. It is not a surprise and anyone who has voted for these people should be ready to give ’em the boot in the next election.

    For some reason, your comment was considered spam. I have corrected this so that it will appear on this site.

  5. Paul Bunnell, Koasek Sub-Chief on

    Thank you for finding my comments. Like Karen Mica has said; we need to speak out. Many of us have been silent long enough as these fakes slander us. I also hear that one fool is threatening my chief and my life if we go to Vermont. What kind of Native American would go against our nature and spiritual ways. It’s sad that we cannot speak our minds to our government and our neighbors. What happened to a Free America? Even our native traditions do not call for that kind of censorship. All members and citizens must stand up and make your leaders accountable for their actions they do, and every high position in tribes must be elected or ruled by the people. When you see a person who wants total control or demands censorship, they must be removed from those positions because they are poison to your nation.
    Paul Bunnell – Sub-Chief of the Koasek Abenaki Nation & Genealogist

  6. humblejanitor on

    People who only know violence and oppression will use those tools to their advantage. Any sane, rational human being knows that making such threats only proves that they are insecure and have something to hide.

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